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The Eight Limbs of Yoga No.8- Samadhi

So I've finally reached the end of my blog posts about the eight limbs of yoga! We are here today to talk about the eighth limb in the eightfold path of yoga, Samadhi. Samadhi translates to 'bliss' or 'enlightenment'. It is basically the goal of yoga, and also is referred to as nirvana in Buddhism. Samadhi is hard to describe, as it is something to be experienced, and sometimes takes your whole life, or many lives to actually reach. All the previous limbs of yoga are in preparation for Samadhi.

Samadhi is not the same kind of bliss you experience from eating chocolate for example, or from relaxing in a spa. It is said to be a feeling of one-ness with the universe. A state where nothing external can get in the way of this bliss, and you are free from attachments and desire. It is not something you achieve from having everything you want in life, and it is not dependant on what you do or don't have. It is something that is achieved only through spiritual discipline, working through our eight limbs of yoga and embodying them in our everyday lives. Even then, it is a very hard thing to achieve in our modern world. It is said in Buddhism, that you keep reincarnating through lives until you reach this state. So not just as simple as feeling blissful!

It is also said that Samadhi can be felt temporarily, and once the external distractions come bleeding back in, we can lose it. The goal of a spiritual yoga practice is to find a permanent state of Samadhi.

Every moment of our lives is an opportunity to bring Samadhi and all the other eight limbs of yoga into action. A permanent state of Samadhi may seem impossible in our modern world full of external distractions, but even the small things can bring us that little bit closer. Bring the other seven limbs of yoga into your life, and you will begin to feel closer to peace. Yoga is a beautiful thing. If you've been keeping up with my blog posts every week, you will now know that yoga goes far beyond the physical. It comes from a wonderful culture, and it really is a way of life. I hope one day, yoga is globally recognised as the wonderful, spiritual practice that it is, rather than being watered down to just an exercise.

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