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My Story

I found yoga (or yoga found me!) back in 2015 when I was just 19 years old. I had just downloaded an app on my phone and set up a mat in my bedroom, and I got started with a 5-minute sun salutation. I remember being completely confused while practicing for the first time, many different thoughts were going through my head. ‘What am I doing?!’ ‘This is hard!’ ‘Why am I doing this?’. Feeling very lost and very un-co-ordinated as we often do during our first yoga class. But the thing that got me hooked on yoga was the feeling I got after my practice had finished that day. I felt incredible! My whole body felt lighter, stretched out, and I had this unexplainable burst of energy that I had never had after any form of exercise before. After only 5 minutes!
I started using this app nearly every day, gradually increasing the length of my practices. I eventually built up the confidence to head to a local yoga class, and I absolutely loved it. I quickly began to notice increases in my strength and flexibility, but also started to notice feeling more calm in my every day life as well. Having been suffering from anxiety, it was the mental benefits of yoga that really inspired me to go deeper into my yoga practice. I went weekly to class whilst also practicing at home using the app. I started reading more into yoga’s history, joining groups online, talking about it with others and inspiring them to try it too. It truly became a huge passion of mine. It was at this point I decided I wanted to become a yoga teacher.
After looking at many different trainings, I finally found the perfect one at Merchant City Yoga in Glasgow, and from there I began my journey towards becoming a yoga teacher. Teacher training is a truly transformational experience. I graduated from my teacher training in August 2018, and have loved every single second of teaching since then. I adore teaching this wonderful thing to others and hoping it can enrich their lives the way it has enriched mine.
Thank you for reading, please don’t hesitate to connect with me if you’d like to chat.
Becca x 

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